In the summer of 1996, I had the opportunity to hands on meet my first Kai. I will never forget that experience, as it was love at first sight. I met a young female Kai names Suki. She had that twinkle of a person that is confident of life and likes to tease a little. I met the owner of Suki, Mary Malone of Minimeadow Kennels. She asked me if I would like to help her by showing Suki. I said "sure, why not", never dreaming that this moment would change my life. Little Miss Suki played me like a fine tune fiddle. She leaped, she she galloped, she almost laid down on the floor laughing at me (I think), but we managed to get through the class. The next day, Mary asked if I would like to help and show Suki again. I answered her without a moments hesitation, "YES". That day we beat out the #1 Kai and National Champion and won the breed. I vowed then, I would have a Kai. Mary had seen how intrigued I was with the Kai and when I questioned her about the availability of a Kai puppy, she invited me down to her home to see all the Kai. I went, I saw, I fell more in love and I brought back my first 2 Kai puppies. As my luck would have it, Mary's life was changing and she was moving to Las Vegas and she asked me if I would like to come and get a few breeders. I made numerous trips to Mary's, hand picking the Kai and realizing that I would need to bring back with me enough Kai to procure all the original bloodlines that were imported in 1990. A huge undertaking for my husband and myself, but I have never regretted one day of the decision. These Kai will live out their lives here at Classy Kennel and they are happy and loved. The Kai is born looking for their soul mate. As a puppy they will look you right in your eyes and pierce your soul, searching to see whether you are the one for them. They are the least aggressive of all the Japanese breeds as well as one of the most devoted. They are so intelligent and clean, you rarely have to bath them. If you don't want them to learn something, don't let them see it. The learn by watching or doing something one time. The Kai is wonderful with children as they take on the duty of looking after them and protecting them. The true protectors and breeders of the Kai are very passionate and protecting of this breed. Like other breeds, the Kai is not for everyone. If you have a temper or a bully, you would not do well with a Kai. A Kai does not like to have voices raised as this worries them. They are a gentle protector. The Kai will react to strangers and unexpected events with an instant reserve and given the chance will run and avoid the situation until they can figure it out and then will come back and access what happened and was it bad or just scary. The Kai does not have a Golden attitude. The Kai are so rare and so respected in Japan that they are very hidden and protected in their country. The Kai is still used as a hunting dog and the villages that raise the Kai, rely on the characteristics of the Kai for survival. Today in the United States we have bred the Kai to over 500 in population and the Kai is registered with United Kennel Club, Inc. UKC has done a very nice job helping to promote and protect the Kai breed and we will be in their debt forever.