Branco has grown into a very handsome young boy. As you can see he is very happy and self assured. Branco is now a new Luxenburg Champion beating out an International Champion and only needs one point to attain his Belgium Championship. Way to go Myriam and Walter and new International Champion CLASSY'S GO TO CHERRYTREEFIELDS. Classys go to Cherrytreefields Luxembourg Champion on September 2007 Belgium Champion on September 2008 (1 point to go for his international championship) (2 points to go for his French championship) in October 2006 he became Best youth + Best of Breed + 3rd best in show (dream team club show) 1 excellent in December 2006 he became Best of youth + Best of Breed (Christmas show Belgium) 1 excellent in December 2007 he became Best of breed (Christmas show Belgium) 1 excellent in august 2008 he became best of breed (Louvain Belgium) 1 excellent in September 2008 he became Best of breed + 2nd Best in show of group 5 (Tértre Belgium) 1 excellentCongratulations to Walter & Myriam for doing an excellent job showing Branco. With limited showing he has placed consistently with many "excellents" in written critques. I am so very proud of their accomplishments as well as sending Branco to them.