Pictures of the kennel building that was built in 1997. The building is a 24x32 with 6 foot overhangs on the North and South sides. I have 6 6x12 runs off of the North and 6 6x12 runs on the South side. At the back is 7 kennel runs that are 6x18. the rest of my kennel areas are 25x35. I am totally perimeter fenced for the safety of my dogs and this is 6 foot high chain link. All runs have dog houses, sun screen, water and food daily. The inside kennels are numerous 4x6 foot kennels and the balance of my dogs are kenneled in size 300 and 400 vari-kennels. All my dogs are housed inside and go out into the outside runs during the day (weather permitting) and they get to be dogs and do doggie things and enjoy laying around. I rotate the dogs into the house so that they have house time (with the exceptions of the stud dogs) and have 10-12 dogs running around and all trying to fit onto the futon. All my dogs are very happy and are living to very ripe old ages. My puppies are born and raised in the house and socialized every day with lots of love, handling and music. I have had an approved kennel license since 1986 and adhere to all county and state regulations. You can not keep a kennel license if your kennels are not up to the state and county codes. Almost all my dogs are AKC and UKC Champions and Grand Champions with over 60 Best in Show and Reserve best in Shows. You can not attain these types of awards if you do not properly take good care of your dogs and keep them happy. My kennels and building have been built for the convenience and happiness of my dogs. My facilities are clean but not pristine. When you have a large kennel, there is going to be some odor at times, some dog do in the runs. I clean the kennels daily, provide fresh water and feed twice a day. My kennels are built and maintained for the comforts and happiness of my dogs. I hope this helps to explain my kennel and my devotion to all my dogs. We house a large amount of dogs ranging up to 16 years of age and they will be well taken care of and loved until the time comes when they will be buried in the wooded area where we roam.