I was born and raised in Michigan. My Dad was a State licensed breeder for all state protected animals. He raised white tail and mule deer, all the breeds of pheasants, peacocks, guineas, chickens, bantams, parakeets, canaries, owls, hawks, ducks, geese ( if it had feathers, we raised it). We also had the numerous types of fox, skunk numerous coon ( great mischievous pets), a spider monkey, goats, wild boar piglets and last but not least dogs. My Dad had 13-16 coon hounds at all times. Coon hunting was his passion and he enjoyed small game hunting, deer, moose and bear hunting also. We always had a coon hound or two in the house with us and my Mom had Pomeranians. People use to drive by and see our menagerie and stop and ask for a tour. I was always pretty proud to show of all these animals. I use to participate in pet parades with my pet deer "Bambi". Always won for the longest legs, longest ears, nose, biggest eyes and etc. My memories of my childhood are wonderful. There were things in my childhood that weren't so pleasant, but I loved the simple country life and cherish those memories. Classy Kennel started as a thought back in 1985 and became a reality in 1988. I started out with a couple Cockers. One was a sweet thing bought from a pet store because she batted those beautiful big eyes at me and the other was a beautiful black male. I soon realized I didn't enjoy the show grooming involved, so they became my house companions. I showed  Bostons for a while., Boston’s are a neat breed but they can become very jealous if they think another dog gets more attention. From the Boston to English Pointers for a few years. Pointers are a wonderful breed. One of my best house dogs was a Pointer. One day I saw a picture of the cutest little dog sitting in a tree and it looked like a little red fox looking around like it owned the world. That was my first look at a Shiba and I was hooked. I wrote numerous breeders and bought my first 3 Shiba from Jane Vanderpool in New York. I purchased several Shiba in the next few years, bringing in the lines that I liked and with no health issues. I built my present kennel building in 1996. It is like a home away from home for me and my dogs. I started showing the Shiba when they became AKC recognized and have been hooked ever since. I have bred and shown 40+ Shiba Champions in AKC & UKC. I received my first Kai Ken in 1996 and this breed has become my passion. I regret not having a Kai earlier in my life, but I an surrounded by the Kai now. I have bred and shown 40+ Champions as well as 21 of the Grand Champions out of 28 Grand’s recorded. I LOVE MY KAI !!!! I have bred the only all champion litters in the history of the breed as well as the first "PR' litters since they became recognized by UKC in 1997 as well as bred the rare red/brindles in the United States from the first red/brindle in the U.S. I also have achieved numerous Multi Best in Show with the Kai breed, having over 40+ BIS's with the Kai. I am surrounded by all my dogs and thanks to my granddaughter Mandy and my husband, I am able to do this and take care of all my "kids". Mandy helped me to achieve all the above and I will always remember the great times we had together traveling, laughing, fighting a little but competing against each other and letting the best dog win. It is only because of my family that I have achieved what I have in the dog world. So, between the Shiba and the Kai, I am truly blessed. Two of the most awesome breeds available to enjoy and love.